Who is the AMMELOO

AMMELOO represents the life and aesthetic trends of high-end American families .

Ammeloo Product with exquisite craftsmanship, design, and pleasant user experience, has successfully obtained the status of "high-end cookware" in the US and always persues grade kitchen products.

Ammeloo continuously emphasizes on traditional metal craftsmanship and commits to the protection and share of American-style forging technology.


We are dedicated to offering unique metal formulas and kitchen products.

The series of Ammeloo's metal kitchenware represents the essence of American forging technology. 

Each product is forged by metal material through a secret metal formula and production process.

Thus, it established an unshakable leading position of Ammeloo in the metal cookware industry.

Choose Ammeloo! 

It is more than a symbol of a premium lifestyle,

It is a way to create family happiness during cooking.


As a representative and advocate of American life;  

Each of our products makes the best efforts to bring you pleasant kitchen experience; 

Help you create delicious food; 

Enjoy the fun of life.


Every moment, countless families around the world choose Ammeloo's products.  

They believe its culture and technology can help them improve their quality of life.

Ammeloo has also been breaking through, has continued to provide more complete product lines, advanced design and superior quality kitchen appliances, and strives for a better life for millions of families worldwide.

Brand Concept

With the service spirit of "sincerity," "consideration," and "care," we are committed to providing global users with a comprehensive, sincere, timely, and professional service experience.

We follow the "Three satisfaction"  service principle: satisfaction in product consultation, satisfaction in recommended products, and satisfaction in after-sales service.



To provide kitchen products that touch customers' hearts.

Design and innovation

Ammeloo believes that design and innovative products are the foundation for human beings to improve the quality of life.


Ammeloo pays attention to various cooking methods of global families.

In-depth study of every detail, combining American industrial design thinking with the aesthetics of global trends;

In an unprecedented, innovative way, we have designed top-level cookware that meets the aesthetic trend of high-end global families.

It allows people to experience the ultimate visual design, pleasant taste and operation process.

Enjoy a happier cooking time.

Ammeloo has a strong product design team and materials research lab at its headquarters in California, composed of senior industrial designers from the United States.

At the same time, Ammeloo also cooperates with famous design teams around the world to design outstanding products with diverse cultures.